Aviation and Space, Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, Ontario

On our way to Ontario


  During our time off this summer, we decided to hit the road and see our neighboring province of Ontario, to visit family and friends. This presented an opportunity to discover and explore some Green Sneakers destinations. Our first stop was Ottawa, Ontario. Our good friends Mike and Peggy had purchased their first home on the outskirts of the city. We were kindly invited to stay the week-end. This gave us a good home base for our daily excursions to the city.

Aviation & Space Museum

   We first visited the Aviation & Space Museum which was located in the heart of Ottawa. Our friend Mike came along too. Luckily for us, this is one of the many museums which is part of the reciprocal admission agreement (global science museum pass that we purchased in May) allowing free entry. I can’t stress how good of a deal this pass is. Whether you use it or not in the cities you visit, it’s always good to have on hand.  Upon arrival you feel that you are at a small airport complete with two large hangars and aerial runway. The hangars housed a variety of aircrafts, displays and computer generated educational tools. The space exhibit in particular had some impressive hands-on trivia and simulators. Our two younger sons were captivated by the large illuminated spinning globe and the interactive touch-screen navigation challenge of space gravity, seing how difficult it might be keeping your meal on your plate. 

The rest of the museum was geared more to the aviation enthusiasts, with large fact charts and historical displays for the avid reader. If you have young children don’t be surprised if they run through it quicker than anticipated. Much of the interactive exhibits were designed for guided group tours and not available to the individual tourist. This left few places for the little ones to immerse themselves in activity. Our oldest son was drawn to the video flight simulator, where one could learn to take-off, fly and land an airplane. In the gift shop you can find a variety of model airplanes found in the museum, thematic boardgames and toys, pilot/ astronaut costumes, to a multitude of hobby crafts. We purchased balsa wood gliders to play on the grounds outdoors after our visit, which our boys really enjoyed.

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