White Mountains, New Hampshire

It was a short excursions to the White Mountains and much was left undiscovered. Even though I had read through a dozen of articles, sites, and pamplets beforehand, to find what secrets this region held, this did not help much.

      Upon arrival on route 93, you are casted under the mountains spell, majestic towering mountains beckon you to explore, tourist guides don’t do them justice and I think this might be the simple reason I had no luck. Figuring out what is worth a stop over what’s not was a difficult feat considering the numerous array of eye-catching illustrated advertisements; the Attitash Mountain Coaster, The Cog Railway, Monkey Trunks, Storyland, Ziplines, Polar Caves, to name a few, but all lead to a bank account deficiency. As entertaining as they may be, I felt it rather difficult to accept their exorbitant entrance fees.

   There are two distinctive sides to the mountains, a friend of ours observed, without giving much detail, he allowed us to reveal this truth for ourselves. Many of the tourist attractions listed above are on the “Conway” side while most of the nature driven attractions are on the “Lincoln/Woodstock” side. Unfortunately, even before leaving home I had succumbed into a trance from the colourful ads and fell into the well of spending. I regret not trying to stretch the dollar a little further.

  Our biggest expense on this trip was a day at Storyland, we rarely go to amusement parks and my boys were pleading to go. Not a greensneakers destination but I can give them some points on thoughfulness and care towards their tiniest clients. The park is based on a fairy tale theme where children can ride on Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, a swan boat, pirate ship,an antique German carousel and many more. Let them take a walk through the 3 bears cottage and see for themselves what is too hard, too soft or just right, remembering to be out before the bears come back from their stroll. The waiting time in lines where no more than 15 mins. and it would not seem so if you saw the full parking lot! The day we went was excruciatingly hot, but thankfully for the owners ingenuity, scattered about the park are cooling tent stations, vaporizing mist. The park is geared to the little folks, best between the ages of 3 to 8 yrs. There are no rides a three year old cannot enjoy, most are gentle in nature.

I think our favorite part to our getaway was swimming in Cascade park. A series of small cascades meander through a river no more then 4 feet deep, the boulders have been etched smooth over the history of time. Children can slide down a natural waterslide or cascade down on inflatable tubes. I was on cloud nine, a divine place to spend the day. Bring a picnic lunch, towels, suncreen, goggles and tubes.

Cascade Park

Just remember to bring out what you carry in to keep this place pristine for future swimmers. While trying to find it’s location, we drove by it 4 times, it didn’t help that we were searching for Crystal Cascade which is how it’s listed in the tourist guide book. In the town of North Woodstock on route 3 , directly in front of Cascade Lodge you will see a couple of stone park benches and a stone sign for Cascade park, follow the path down the stairs and you’ll notice the river.

Cascade Park

          After our time at Storyland, we were searching for a good refreshing spot to cool off the accumulated day’s heat. In my research, I came upon a place that sounded just for us, large cliff to jump off from, yet current is gentle for young swimmers, it’s called Sawyer Rock. The rock or should I say gigantic boulder is perfect to set towels and a picnic lunch on, for a dozen or so families. Don’t be intimidated by the rows of cars parked by the side of the road, the place is big enough to accomodate many people. A great family location, best of all these places (Sawyer Rock and Cascade Park) and many more not explored yet, are entirely free. We truly underestimated the amount of hidden gems the White Mountains have to offer.
 Our last day in the mountains was spent at Basin Park, part of the Franconia Notch State Park. We originally wanted to go to the Flume Gorge but our finance’s were in the minus by this time, we are looking forward to a second trip were we can focus on the natural beauty of this place. Neighboring this park is a State campground by the name of Lafayette, it is where we will stay on our next visit. Another point of interest is Lost River and Boulder Cave, you can be sure we will be talking about this one, it has family fun written all over it. Planning the White Mountains for your next vacation? We are confident you will love it and be coming back for more!

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