Acadia National Park

During Canada’s Victoria day long week-end in May, we planned to visit Bar Harbor, Maine and to camp at the wonderfully proclaimed Acadia National Park. Unfortunatly however,  we under estimated the parks popularity and were disapointed to learn that the campgrounds were fully booked. Being so early in the season we thought we would of had unlimited choices. So, it’s important to note that one must call and reserve a site two to three weeks prior. We luckily found a K.O.A campground close-by, where we could camp by the bay and enjoy the sea air. Exploring the rocky beach when the tide goes out is a great learning experience for the children, but must be done with adult supervision. The rocks are very wet and slippery and could be somewhat dangerous for little feet.The grounds offer hot showers, flushable toilets, a swimming pool in summer months and a general store made the experience all that much easier when camping with young ones. The office hours are from 8am. to 6pm., it’s important to arrive during operation hours to set up camp and buy firewood as soon as you arrive. However if you happen to run out, just across the street is a gas station and general store open until 10pm.which carry most necessities, including firewood, to help you if you are in a bind.

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  1. Wow! Super! Mon père m’a déjà amené camper là quand j’étais petite, mais je ne me souvenais plus de ce bel endroit! Alors les plages sont vraiment bien? Aussi belles qu’à Old Orchard? Et les vagues? Je crois qu’on ira à Acadia Park nous aussi à la fin août, alors! Merci pour ce beau billet informatif!

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