Puerto Aventuras Villas Las Palmas 2

We rented a condo at Villas Las Palmas 2 on Caleta Yalku street in the Puerto Aventuras gated community early in December up to the 23rd. The price vs. quality was exceptional. We wanted to be walking distance from the beach and have all necessary amenities close-by. Puerto Aventuras is less touristy than Playa Del Carmen but offers all the conveniences needed within its walls. We ventured out of the walls almost everyday by taking the colectivo a few feet away from the main entrance, allowing us to easily explore the coastline from Cancun to Tulum. We took a taxi 4 times, from the community town of Puerto Aventuras to the food market Chedraui on the other side of Highway 307 for 75$MXN. This little supermarket offers everything you need to be self-sufficient and prepare meals at the condo.

The little village of Puerto Aventuras is right by the ocean and offers a variety of stores, restaurants, bakeries and butchers. There’s a little fruit and vegetable store as well as an outdoor farmer’s market where you can buy fresh produce between 9am to 1pm. A personal favourite is the Acentos Deli Market French bakery, it soon became our  place to be early morning with fresh brewed coffee and the flakiest chocolate croissant I’ve had in years.

The community has its own dolphinarium. We are not fans of animals held in captivity like zoos and aquariums but I must admit it was nice seeing the dolphins play with each other, and chase each other. The pet dolphins and seals do tricks for treats and put on quite a free show for the tourist.  I was passing by the dolphin pool one day since this is the way to get to the beach, and had a dolphin throw a soccer ball at me. Thinking it was doing a show, I simply threw it back into the pool when he immediately threw it back to me. I looked around for the trainer but there was no one around. It simply wanted to play. It reminded me how dogs get all silly with balls. It was quite a treat to interact spontaneously with it like that. There is also a pool with manatees, they don’t do tricks but for a fee you can go in the pool with them. In fact, you can go in all three pools, swim with the dolphins, the seals and the manatees for a steep fee of 400$USD.


To get to the beach you must past the dolphin pools and walk between the salmon coloured buildings. The ocean shore has been landscaped with masses of stone dividers to break the size of the waves making it really safe for children. The beach is groomed daily and the sand is fine and feels like flour between your toes. The water is crystal clear with many types of fish. It’s a good place to snorkel when the waves are near non existent. Otherwise just enjoy those waves with a boogie board.

Even though we could have spent our entire time at the beach or visiting cenotes and ruins, we were so happy to be able to unwind and feel at home in our condo. The Villas Las Palmas 2 is a fantastic place to rent. We were spoiled rotten with a roof top infinity pool, lounge area and bar. We could easily throw one of our killer parties if we were to rent here again with the company of some friends. The condo has Wifi and Netflix and has a full functioning kitchen with all the kitchen necessities. It can easily sleep 4 adults and 2 children since its 2 bedrooms have one king size bed and one queen size bed. The living room has sleeper sofas that could hold 2 kids. There are two full bathrooms equipped with rain shower heads for a spa feel. Being in Mexico, one has to be very vigilant in using only purified water to cook and wash produce. Luckily while renting within the walls of the gated community of Puerto Aventuras there’s a water bottle company that offers home delivery for a mere 30$MXN. Simply leave your empty water bottle at the curb with 30$MXN on the top with your apartment number and by the end of the day you will have a full bottle waiting for you at your doorstep. The condo has a maintenance worker by the name of Freddy who is very kind and helpful.

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