MEXICO, our cousins to the far South

Mexico is the third country part of North America. A tropical country filled with natural beauty and an ancient Mayan civilization. Known for its beautiful beaches, lush jungles and rich history, it’s no mystery why so many flock to this part of the world to escape the daily grind. It’s been said that the Mexican peoples’ warmth, welcoming and optimistic personalities is infectious; bringing the desire to live and work at a slower pace and prompting us to enjoy what each day has to offer. The Yucatán peninsula, some like to call it ‘Paradise on Earth’, has a multitude of attractions to visit. If you allow yourself to venture off the prescribed tourist path, you can get acquainted with what the real Mexico is all about. What was she like in her early years, when Spanish conquistadors walked these same lands and erected beautiful Spanish towns? The refreshing feeling of taking a plunge into the cobalt blue cenotes water with its cavern stalactites, bats overhead and tropical fishes between your toes. Did you know that these same fresh water holes were considered sacred to the Mayan people?

Merida, the spirited capital of the Yucatán State has a Mayan, Spanish, French and British influence. The colonial history is evident with its narrow streets, central plazas and intricate buildings. The perfect place to visit outstanding museums and get a real understanding for the history this region encompasses. In proximity to world renowned Mayan city ‘Chichen Itza’. Farewell Canada, Hola Mexico!


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