Winter Fun in Canada

Living in Canada requires one important character trait, withstanding the cold. Since Winter in most Canadian provinces takes up 1/3 of the year, it’s no wonder that over the centuries we have embraced the cold as part of our inheritance. Spawning a variety of exhilarating sports, activities and fantastic festivals, captivating all ages. I believe it is important for mental and physical health to step outdoors and into the arms of Jack Frost, otherwise Winter can seem never-ending.

Our objective with this page is to highlight regional events and great outdoor activities for the whole family. We will be focusing our efforts on environmentally friendly sports accessible to all ages and festivals highlighting cultural distinction and originality. We will be uncovering frugal finds allowing large families to join in the fun. In fact, as a large family ourselves, we find it difficult at times to reap the benefits of specials since most are serving the stereotypical family of four.

Top of the list are the winter festivals, most renown is Quebec city’s Carnival beginning January 27th and ending February 12th 2012.

Located in the Old Town, numerous activities are scheduled. Here’s an overview of the upcoming event… be sure to mark your calendar, it’s not to be missed!

Just like the New France festival of August, the purchase of the effigy is required for entrance on the site, here’s a description from the official site;

What is the Effigy?

The Carnival Effigy Pass*, available for only $13**, provides visitors access to most activities on the 2 main sites for 17 days. During the Carnival, the Effigy is sold directly on the sites.

The Effigy is mandatory for all adults and for children over 8 years old for some activities. Children under 8 are free!

Take note for groups with adults and children older then 8 you can save by purchasing 4 Effigies for $40.00 (regular price $52.00). Available only online or at Metro, Couche-Tard and Uniprix in the Québec City area.** Price is subject to change without notice

After purchasing the Effigy, there are many free activities for families at Mr.Christie – Kraft village, including games, shows and snow castles. Bring the family sledding on a 400ft. ice slide at Place Desjardins, on the Plains of Abraham which have been transformed into a great outdoor amusement park. To foreign tourist, don’t forget to try maple taffy on the snow at 2.75$.

click here  to link you directly to their official site

While in Quebec city don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Ice Hotel and go tubing at Village Valcartier, an exhilarating family activity.

 For the first time this year from January 6th to March 31st, Montreal will make a snow village of it’s own. Created by the same people who have brought the Ice Hotel chain. It will be located on Ile Sainte-Helene and host a variety of activities sure to please the entire family. Accommodation is available for those who wish to stay on site overnight. Also taking place at the same location is La Fete des Neiges (the  Snow Festival) during January 21st to February 5th. Remember to consider 15$ for parking.

The capital of Canada, Ottawa hosts a carnival of it’s own called Winterlude, February 3rd to 20th 2012. It seems to be a generally free festival although some events come with a cost. This year they will be commemorating 200 years from 1812 to 2012 with costumes, stories, art and historical talk. At Snowflake Kingdom in Jacques-Cartier Park, you’ll find a variety of family friendly activities. In the Confederation park, check out the ice sculptures, while at night  colored lights illuminate them. One of the highlights, in my opinion, is to skate the Rideau canal, bring your skates but rentals are offered to those without.

These are but three of the many Winter festivals that are held across Eastern Canada, follow our family as we visit other events throughout the Winter 2012.

2 Responses to Winter Fun in Canada

  1. stephanie desmeules says:

    Salut Stef!
    Joyeux Noël et BOnne année!Comme ils sont beaux tes fils!
    Il faudra s’organiser une journée pour aller glisser et faire des bonhommes de neige tous ensemble!!
    Je vous souhaite la santé et les voyages bien sûr!

    • steph says:

      Bonjour Nini,

      OUI! Definitivement! S’il peut neiger, Dave a commencer sur la grande glissade serpentine, et des que nous avions une bonne base, nous allons créer notre super mini-golf a 9 trous! Merci beaucoup pour ton beau commentaire, je vous souhaites une belle année remplies de vos voeux les plus chers. On se verra très bientôt…xxx

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