My Green Sneakers 3.0- Reboot

WE are BACK! 2016/2017 cenote-ikil

My Green Sneakers is going to Riviera Maya

Hola! Mis amigos Canadiense, Americano y todo del mundo! 


“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”  -David G.Allen

So much has changed since our ‘Take Two’ edition on My Green Sneakers, but we are back doing what we love most; travelling!!!

Where have we been? Well, let me tell you; We moved away from our old home in Summer 2012 and took on the challenge of building our solar passive home ourselves.

Today we are over the proverbial hump and have moved into the finishing phases of our lovely home.This change of focus freed our desire to travel once more. We have taken a couple of wonderful road trips since moving here, especially our journey last year (2015) to Montana, USA, but lacked the time and motivation to document and share our experiences. This, I am happy to say, has changed!

Not only will we retroactively post our epic minivan and trailer journey across the United States, we are about to take our dream vacation to Mexico! Of course we will stay true to our values, no all inclusive here! We are travelling on a shoe string and stretching that Mexican Peso as far as we can. We have booked three separate homes through Airbnb in the Yucatan and Quintana Roo region (known up north as the Riviera Maya). Stephanie spent months looking for budget flights and rentals and managed to blow away the skeptics who thought we could never find deals when going during the highest time of the year… Christmas. For the full month that we will be away, we have paid equivalent to what most pay for a week at an all inclusive resort. The details can be found in our first segment Planning our dream trip to Mexico’. Our family of five is back in the spotlight as we document our progress, our adventures and challenges along the way. Filled with tons of new content expect to be blown away with stunning landscapes and videos along with our personal accounts and the revamped My Kid Journal hosted by Evan and Owen. Our now sixteen year old son Tristan will write about the trip from the eyes of a centenial teenager, highlighting his experiences of travelling to a foreign country in My Teen Journal.

As the clock counts down and the days slip by, we are all excited and nervous at the same time. We can’t wait to leave on our trip and share our experiences with you. Follow us on our journey by visiting our site right here at My Green Sneakers.


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